Say Hello to Your New Home

Tempo is the perfect solution for families and groups of people who want to have a modern, spacious, and bright one-floor house to relax and enjoy pleasant stays. 


The large 3 bedroom house offers a great living space that can be used in a variety of ways. Like all Recon Houses, we have worked hard to maximise light and space in every room to ensure that the living space is filled with natural light.

Triple glazed windows deliver maximum daylight whilst reduce heat loss through the windows, improve energy efficiency, and make the house warmer and homey.  Clean lines of the design, simple detailing, and high ceilings add addition feeling to the sense of space.

The house has a large open plan living space with a well-appointed kitchen, a living room, and a large dining room. Also, there is a utility room, an entrance hall, and a bathroom to suit all your needs.  


total size







*The details of the Tempo house shown in the picture above.


Check the booklet with all possible plans of the Tempo house.

Above we showed suggested house plans. However, this house can be modified depending on the needs.

Your dream home is closer than you think. A home office for the entrepreneur, a chef’s kitchen for the passionate baker, an extra large room for when company comes – the homes we build fit the life you live, and we’ll make sure you can live to your fullest.

Everything is up to you as our house can be replanned. With few limitations in style or design, today is the day you can start creating the space where you’ll  love to live. 

The most optimal Recon House option has:

  • fully furnished bathroom
  • staircase
  • triple glazed windows
  • terrace
  • front door
  • electric heating
  • all plumbing, including main water input & output connection point
  • electrical wiring, light switches, power points, stove connection outlet, and main power input connection point for your domestic installations.

Recon House can be modified around your needs and budget.


All the features you would expect are integrated into Presto house — modern design, clean, sleek lines, carefully picked and designed detailing. With Recon House, you are in charge of siding, roofing, flooring, etc. You can choose materials from the options listed down below. 

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