Recon is an established team of professionals with experienced in-house architects, project managers, and construction professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the modular building earned working on construction projects worldwide.

Our mission is to embrace people to take a step further and enjoy prefab construction benefits. We manufacture fully equipped bathroom pods and prefab houses made of modules that come to the construction site ready to be used. The company is based in Lithuania, but we also operate beyond Lithuania borders. 

We are well known for dedication, competency, service and punctuality. We use our extensive proficiency to develop sustainable, modern, and innovative solutions to fulfil our clients’ needs.


If you are looking for a reliable partner to build a prefab house or bathroom pods, we can promise that with Recon you are going to be in good hands!  

Recon implements cutting edge innovations into the construction process, allowing a reduction in the number of employees on each construction site and shortening construction timelines. We do this by reducing the number of operations carried out on a construction site by transferring the construction processes into a manufacturing process. By moving houses or bathrooms constructions into a controlled factory environment can be saved approximately 20 weeks on a large residential project. It leads to the faster return on investment for the developer, less risk for the contractor, and most importantly earlier occupation for the clients. 


Recon modular bathrooms and houses are manufactured under controlled, strict factory conditions, using innovative structural systems to deliver simpler, faster, affordable, and sustainable solutions for your project. The whole production process takes place offsite, therefore we can guarantee one-hundred per cent reliability and quality while reducing the time of execution and final assembly. As a company with extensive experience in the market, we operate in accordance with the ISO standards.

As a result, we deliver bathroom pods and prefab houses that meet the highest European standards both in terms of performance and quality of used materials.

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