If you’re looking for something of a higher specification, Recon Modul bathroom pods are an exclusive way to achieve traditional build quality and the wide diversity of designs.

Our previous experience and current technologies let us manufacture bathrooms in the widest variety of designs. Our designers work with the newest programs to ensure all calculations are correct. All bathroom pods are semi-custom made and can be built in the way you want them to look like. 


Our cold rolled lightweight steel framings are manufactured in-house to reach the highest standards and assure the highest quality of it. The advanced technologies are used in all aspects of manufacturing, and the extra attention goes into every single detail of our bathroom pods.

We can guarantee the quality that is derived from best practices in manufacturing, all in a strictly controlled factory environment where repeatable functions can be monitored and checked to achieve the best results. During the production process, bathroom pods are constantly checked by our inspectors to ensure all technical needs are being met.  


The delivery of the bathroom pods is carefully planned around your project time frames. They will arrive and be placed before a slab or facade installation goes up. Recon Modul pods can be shipped on open-air or enclosed lorries. 

Bathroom pods installation can be performed by a contractor chosen by the construction manager. Finally, the whole installation process can even be compared to hooking up a major appliance. 

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