A prefabricated bathroom or modular bathroom pods are fully equipped bathroom units, which are manufactured off-site in a controlled factory environment.
Bathrooms are tested and transported to the site, installed and ready for use. Modular bathroom pods are commonly used in the construction of hotels, student houses, hospitals, apartments etc.

  • Reduction of cost – bathroom pods reduce the costs associated with material waste, removal, site supervision and labour. 
  • Time Saving – production process even up to 50% shorter than building in the traditional technology.
  • High Quality – prefabricated bathrooms are manufactured within a controlled factory environment using the newest technologies.
  • Higher ROI (Return On Investment) – faster return on investment due to the short construction period, when using Recon Modul fully modular bathrooms.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, it is worth choosing us as for your project for several reasons:

  • Worldwide Experience – over 20 years of experience on the construction market.
  • Quality Standards – ISO 9001:14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Various Designs – We work to assure that our bathrooms are made according to the client’s needs.
  • Project Freedom – We manufacture prefab pods for sectors like hotels, student accommodation, residential or health. Also, we can adjust to required sector.
  • One Partner – We are one and only partner for all aspects related to the bathroom pods’ production.

Recon Modul bathroom pods are manufactured to full internal completion. 

All pods include tiling, floor finishes, fixtures and fittings, electrical wiring, water supply, heating systems, sanitary appliances and  decorations – according to the client’s expectations.

Recon Modul bathroom pods are 100% customised – according to the client’s needs.

The pipes of bathroom pod will be extended outside the pod about to connect them to building pipes. 

We exclude doors and frames and fit temporary OSB panels over the door opening. However, we can discuss that at the design stage and pick the best option for your project.


Yes, we deliver Recon Modul bathroom pods worldwide. 

It is a very simple process. A qualified contractor can do it.

Are you looking for prefabricated pods manufacturer for your next project?

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