Contrary to popular misconception, modular houses do not all look alike. Modular houses have no design limitations. You can create any style of modular home you wish, whether you want a traditional, modern or a Scandinavian one.

You can add any style of window or architectural detail that you desire, including the interior. It means you can create your dream house! 

Recon House provides you with the opportunity to own an affordable house wherever you want: cosmopolitical city or countryside area, up to the mountains or seaside town. Recon House will fit in any location.


Being factory-built, Recon House is made using modern equipment. This ensures that the floors, walls and ceilings are perfectly measured and square. Our houses are built to withstand the long journeys and installation at distant sites. All houses are manufactured in a climate-controlled environment that minimises the issues and delays that often experienced during the construction on site.

Inspection & regulation

The construction plan and design of the Recon House is carefully reviewed and approved by the project managers, designers, and supervisors. Installation and fabrication are done strictly in accordance with governing building codes. All modular houses are also inspected several times during the various stages of manufacturing to ensures quality control during the process. At completion, we can ensure that houses have been constructed in conformity with the approved plan and all applicable building codes.


Modular houses are created in sections, and then transported to the home site for construction and installation. The house will be executed with the help of a 30t crane. And a skilled team will install the house within 24 hours and in 2 weeks the house will come with a turnkey service. 

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