RECON Tiny houses


The latest in modular construction innovation- tiny houses!
Easy on the eye, this modern structure is a proper mini house that is making the most out of small living space.
With its steel-wooden structures and choice of exterior and interior finishes, this compact house is designed to give you the freedom to live without compromising on home comfort.
It can be configured to include all the extra details that you want, like steel chassis to live a life on the move.

The tiny house is much more than a summerhouse. This hut is packed with modern features to provide an outstanding experience. 
The walls, roof, and floor contain insulation, which keeps this home warm in winter and cool in summer. In combination with the double-glazed windows, it ensures a comfortable living all year round. 
The house has been designed with a bathroom that includes a toilet, a shower, a heated towel rail, a sink, and a water heater. In the kitchen, you will find shelves, a table, a space for an electric hob, and a fridge. In the main area, you will find a double bed, A/C, a sofa bed that turns into a small double bed, and a space for a TV.


An individual house made of wood and metal 

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