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We offer affordable and modern modular houses, each carefully built using the highest quality materials. Our houses are designed to serve the needs of modern living through flexible house plans choice and various external and internal finishes.

Architecturally designed Recon House will be delivered and installed at your location of choice. All houses are installed in just a day after being transported from the Recon factory.

We provide solutions by producing complete fully-equipped bathroom pods units according to the project layouts and individual designs for B2B clients throughout Europe and beyond.

In the strictly controlled factory environment, all processes are monitored and checked to achieve the best results. We deliver completed bathrooms that are ready to be installed and used.


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About The Company

Recon modular bathrooms and houses are manufactured under controlled, strict factory conditions, using innovative structural systems to deliver simpler, faster, affordable, and sustainable solutions for your project. The whole production process takes place offsite, therefore we can guarantee one-hundred per cent reliability and quality while reducing the time of execution and final assembly. 



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